The Marriage of FOOD & FORTUNE

Is Your Diet Robbing Your Health & Fortune?

Through the choice of foods for his nourishment man may help his body to acquire the right balance by strengthening or perhaps weakening certain radiations or by displacing the predominant ones, whether favourable or hampering in their effect, so that that radiation takes the lead which is favourable to him and thereby normal, for only what is favourable is the normal condition. Abd-ru-shin
The unfortunate body is thus regarded as the ‘root of evil,’ or ‘naughtiness,’ and is said to be even the ‘purgation’ [or dross] of matter. The Chaldean Oralces
The doctors of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patient in care of the human frame, in diet and in the care and prevention of disease. Thomas Edison
“Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai ce que tu es.” [Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are]. Anthelme Brillat-Savarin
Of what use is intellect or will, without a healthy body for its marvellous expression. Anonymous

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An eat to excellence-In-action strategy fashioned especially for the enterprising personality, who cannot afford not to be in excellent health.
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Gossamer Media's Cutting-Edge Philosophy

Every person is born with unique talents and abilities to serve a definite purpose in life … in the most joyous fulfilment; when this purpose is figured out, an auspicious life is bound to follow – more so, if the choice of one's foods adapts to the different degrees of mind and body.

Fortune is conquered not in equal balances between debits and credits, but in the "law of returns (cause and effect) connecting activity and fulfilment – the compound interest of the talents and abilities.

Endless is the guidance given to artists and entrepreneurs – from professional networking, money and time management, shaping one's personal and professional image – down to writing a living will and estate planning. But how to care for the physical body, without which one’s marvellous self-expression is impossible, is never high on the list … if this high art is ever given any consideration..

Where such consideration is given, it is old-school, or rather, a purely western approach. There the physical body is erroneously treated as the source of all human diseases. Not that our way of thinking is directly responsible for our state of our health, longevity and prosperity.; in fact, such thinking that a bodily ailment has its counterpart in the mind is considered heretic. Mental and emotional instability, which can only lead to failure in one’s professional and social life, get classified under psychosis. Human consciousness is considered a product of the physical body, and the nerve cells are postulated to magically produce our awareness of what is real.

From the onset, this direction was problematic. Just try to imagine several billion cells in your body joining together to produce your consciousness. Is there any wonder it is said that we humans are only using ten (10) percent of our conscious mind?

Yet, upon such faulty assumption errors are constantly corrected in or eliminated as ever new findings are added to the various positions and attitudes. Essentially, medical practitioners in the so-called developed world simply keep readjusting their philosophies to conform to the advancing stage of wellness while still bound to the old way of thinking.

Is there any cause to wonder why, as a critical thinker, you can no longer find support in the old veins of such one-sided assumptions. No! Where the approach to wellness is not toward holistic care – of mind, emotion and body swinging in harmony with one's spiritual nature. – it remains nothing but tentative.

Lifting The Gossamer Veil

At Gossamer Media for Wellness, the unobstructed flow of the force of a human spirit, i.e., swinging in harmony with mind, emotion and body, is synonymous with what in quantum physics is referred to as “flow without resistance," otherwise called superconductivity – lifting the gossamer's veil. This quantum mechanism in all nature is considered key to breaking down of all boundaries. Professor Moses Chan at Penn State University explains "flow without resistance" using the metaphor of putting an orchestra together, with everyone playing their own tune, until they begin to follow a conductor.

In the human physiology, the conductor is blood – our spirit's currency. What the gold in the veins of the earth is to material fortune so is blood in the human veins to spiritual excellence (perpetual development and use of our intrinsic qualities and abilities. Essentially, our spirit pervades our physical body only by means of veins, arteries and blood.

If blood is inferior, it stands to reason that all is inferior. Blood good or poor, the whole system, the brain and mind included, will be in good or poor condition.

Radiant health and good fortune is achievable. But not with injections, drugs, mega-doses of dietary supplements, and all kinds of possible and impossible concoctions. Wellness can only come the natural way – through the right attitude (toward the body), and the appropriate foods and drinks which, over a short period, will vary with each person, but without one-sided limitations.

Hence the focus on "The Marriage of Food & Fortune" in connecting human intelligence to the use of food intelligence, vital to the working, the growth, and the evolution of the human organism.

The Reciprocity of Food & Fortune

The reciprocity of “Food & Fortune” is not about those foods items the peoples of the different cultures believe bring good luck. It is about eating choice foods that nourishes the body, so as to elevate the cognitive faculties to their highest and perfected states and styles of self-expression that was not before possible, to prosper and achieve lasting happiness.

Essentially, you eat to conquer fortune. Which is no different if you were to lead an army to capture a village. Such a task would require fortitude of mind and body, to battle to the end.

Good fortune falls to the lot of those who are healthy, regardless how poor in money, because they can enjoy their many small successes in the grand scheme of things. Their fortune is conquered not in equal balances between debits and credits, but in the "law of returns (cause and effect) connecting activity and fulfilment – the compound interest of the talents and abilities.

But poor indeed are those – though rich in money, stature, authority, or whatever – whose health is poor, for they cannot enjoy their wealth and honours any more than those who, destitute both in health and wealth, can enjoy their conditions. What are exquisitely furnished houses, luxury cars, mega-businesses, titles, stocks, bonds, even diamond but bubbles, without excellent health to enjoy them?

Gossamer Media for Wellness introduces a holistic approach to ensuring and enjoying health and wealth, through a change of 'food and thinking.’ It is fairly simple: Any food is wholesome, as long as one digests it well; however, there are certain foods that not only strengthen the body, but also purify the blood, to transform the senses of perception and all organs of action, and in turn bring about a certain change in one's nature,

There are certain foods that not only strengthen the body, but also purify the blood,, to transform the senses of perception and all organs of action, and in turn bring about a certain change in one's nature,

The same way the finest of high performance vehicles requires high octane fuel for engine performance otherwise it pings (indicative of improper combustion), the choice of foods as nourishment for those particular faculties likewise is the determining factor in the performance of our high achievements. And Mother Nature never fails in supplying the different selections of foods suited to different types and degrees of activity of mind and body.

Such a fortification of mind and body is crucial in that pure blood is the ultimate nourishment in which lies the secret to breaking all boundaries of diseases and personal failures. When blood is kept pure from over-heating foods containing high fats, sugars and starches – even healthy foods – the body is "protected" and "preserved" from defilement. This state alone sets up an immunity capable of fortifying the resistance upon the mind, as well.

Hence the appeal to produce blood of the right composition, both from the correct choice of foods and thinking pattern. Only with blood in the right composition and at the right age-cycle can we blossom in the abilities, which means the same as to ascend towards the Light, as the flower to its Sun. Impure blood only causes self-destructive behaviour and disease. This is the economics of eating right. –
I have been reliably consulting with Monica, since around 2000. Adopting her art to eating healthily have truly been a significant factor for me in achieving my goals of improved health, weight loss/maintenance, and over all well being. To have endured the stresses of starting up my current business venture and making it a success is thanks in part to my improved mental and physical endurance.
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David Chung,
Managing Director / Partner,
Waterfront Investments Ltd.