The 4 Pillars Of Food Balancing

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If no other human being is like you, then why should be your choice of foods. The PreThink Eating model was fashioned on THE FOUR PILLARS:
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Food Carbonomics™ is the culmination of the 4-Pillars to PreThink Eating,” in an art of balancing.

The designation: “carbonomics” is the uniting of two fundaments: “carbon”: the physical base of all [food] matter and “nomics” (from the Greek word nomos), the origin of the suffix - “onomy.” It is the suffix joined to such word designations as astronomy and economy, the latter which actually means custom, or law (as it applies to usage).

This cutting-edge mind-body” art of eating is about balancing foods for a judicious use of [carbon] energy. This art of food balancing is designed to help one’s body to acquire the right blood composition – the human currency.

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Food Carbonomics simply applies Natures method of C-H bond, to classify foods according to their different pH values, in accordance with planetary harmonics. Hydrogen (H), the water forming principle, plays a pivotal role in the body’s acid-base chemistry. Hence, the scientific ‘table of hydrogens,’ which is but an index of speed vibrations of molecules which, in this case, is an indicator of the degree of intelligence and consciousness of a given food item.

Blood pH actually is the measure of hydrogen concentration, which is frequently used for measuring acidity and alkalinity. Food Carbonomics takes into consideration acid-forming and alkaline forming food molecules forming blood immediately after digestion as opposed to acid and alkaline items. The calculations employ the phosphorus : calcium (P:Ca) ratio — reactions, which get linked up in the carbon- hydrogen bond. The end result is up to 12 Solar units in hydrogen activity (pH), in the forming of healthy blood.

This application of science, is fashioned to apply to the plain Laws of Nature to mathematical accuracy and can:
  • Improve health and vitality
  • Enhance both your personal and professional image
  • Magnify personal magnetism to attract your heart’s desires