Autumn Diet

Autumn / Choleric / Adulthood (Midlife)/ Red
The increasing, substantiate warmth accumulates in autumn. The choleric heat, which, when it converges with the cool, lengthy nights causes crystallization – the hardening for the approaching winter: The process causes ripening and the change that manifests so impressively in the resplendent colours of leaves, and the colour is red. This sinking into the dormancy of winter gives signal that everything is mature for the harvest, that is time to gather the accumulation of the summer fruits and vegetables.

The crystallization in Nature occurs also in human mental metamorphosis. Imperfect characteristics get transformed into what Stendhal in his work (De l’amour) described as the “perceptual diamond of shimmering beauty.”

Autumn symbolizes the powerful period of manhood and womanhood. Meaning, the personal mind should no longer be indulging in the daydreaming of youth but instead engaging in fiery actions toward the flowing life of philanthropy. For within the choleric cycle comes the light of clarity – a greater intuitive sensing, especially of the oneself. If the personal mind is not just merely a smouldering fire (or suppressed), it can burst into flame with new re-generative powers, and soar to unchartered heights.

In the autumn of our lives, we gather the fruits of our accumulated experiences, in order to prosper from our works.
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Autumn (Choleric) Diet

In adulthood, bodily afflictions can be prevented or at least slowed down through direct self-mastery over the regulatory mechanisms of bodily functions. Due to the heating tendency autumn, which is synonymous with human mid-life cycle and the start of the ageing process, the body’s adaptive mechanism can easily begin to lose functionality and body function no longer co-ordinate with each other optimally. Thus, all measures should be taken not to upset the delicate balance.

With a robust health corresponding to that intense passion and ferocity that comes from a love of action, one easily digest any kind of food and are harmed almost only by skipping meal times, fasting and excessive alcohol. A precaution that should be adhered to by all, especially in the adulthood cycle, regardless of the predominant temperament.

Spices and the heating carbonates should certainly be avoided. It is the reason Nature proffers in abundance the warming tubers (of autumn) that are high in minerals (phosphates). They neither temper nor overdrive action. Alkaline-forming mineral that keep tissue lean and toned abounds in tubers and dark-green vegetables.

Gastronomic Celebration Of Autumn

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The accumulation of one’s life’s experiences that bring blessing to humanity is but a reflection of the abundance of autumn. Everything is matured for harvest.

In addition to those crops that come available only briefly, much is left over from summer: tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplants, summer squashes, zucchinis, etc. In readiness are those produce that are to be stored for winter – pomegranates, apples, winter squashes, cabbages, carrots, beets, and root crops such as sweet potatoes, rutabagas, turnips, kohlrabi, celery root, onions, as well as the dark-green leafy vegetables.

It is the time to relish the hearty soups, in addition to salads from summer cucumbers, and begin substituting the lettuces for watercress, fennel and endive. Nuts and seeds are now available and are, at this time, more nutritive and agreeable to the digestive system; when they are too old, they tend to be too heating and drying.