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The Etheric Principle Pulsating Within Blood

A further result of the process of development [of Creation] was the creation matter. This is divided into ethereal matter, in which there are many divisions, and gross material substance which, commencing with the finest nubulae, is visible to the physical eyes.
Abd-ru-shin, "The Development of Creation", In the Light of Truth
The etheric principle is hidden in the physical body, within the blood. It is said to be set free in the blood at the age of seven, by which time the photoreceptive pineal glands, which receives the spiritual radiations, is fully developed, structurally. However, only the [gross dense] principle governing digestion and respiration, etc., is fully matured at this time, the other parts of the ethereal body need more ripening.

The ethereal body is an actual body. That all creative principles are three-fold, so also is the ethereal cloak of fine, medium and dense ethereal matter, the finest part consisting of the soul essence.

The term soul is so loosely used, because its concept is not quite understood. Soul is the middle term between mind and body: mind-soul-body. So constituted, the soul becomes the dwelling place or vehicle for the conscious spiritual energy – mind (intuitive) or active (intellectual). Mind is the soul’s “vision”, or “eye”, which reflecting the spirit’s core, enabling the “ego” to transmit its commands as intuitions (the negative pole), which rise to become thoughts and subsequently action (the positive pole).

We can feel it or observe the effects of the soul as after-effects of our willing. It erupts through the layers of [bodily] feeling as emotions of joy or sorrow, pleasure or pain, compassion or bigotry.

All human endeavours, all our longings, must be suffused with emotion if they are to the manifold possibilities of the soul. All outcomes depend on the nature of the emotion, its virtue or vice, which determines if it generates noble gestures and of beneficent realizations or the most evil deeds.

The physical body is traced on its pattern of the ethereal cloak, an exact copy.The only difference is that the ethereal body is of a fluid nature, more like moist air, which cannot be perceived with the physical eyes or be touched. The flowing nature of moist air is synonymous with nature of human “e-motions” – the principle of divine forming.

According to Max Heindel, the ethereal atoms gather around the nuclear seed atom located in the solar plexus. It is shaped like prisms, so that when the solar energy enters the body through the spleen the refracted ray is red, which is the colour of the creative principle.

There is Much More To The Spleen Than Blood Production

The spleen, called the gateway to the soul, is considered the avenue for the solar energy in the atmosphere to enter in a constant stream to produce red as well as white blood cells. The vital fluid of the Sun enters the human body by way of the spleen and courses along the nerves as electricity does in wires of an electrical system. When fully charged, the coarse layer of the ethereal cloak serves as the avenue of assimilation, which preserve individuality, and of fertility, which perpetuate the species. In this explanation lies an understanding why those who are not exposed to the sun or do not eat wholesome foods grown in the Sun develop disease of the spleen; they become pale and severely anemic.

By the age of fourteen, according to Heindel, the ethereal principle in the procreative germ becomes fully mature. In the period from seven to fourteen years of age, the excessive assimilation has stored an amount of force that goes to the sex organs and becomes ready when generative powers is now set free at puberty. It is also at this age the pineal and pituitary bodies become avenues of consciousness and memory, as well as the vehicles of intuition and intellect,respectively. They are primarily responsible for all that makes humans, human. All our observations, aspirations, character traits, etc., are the result of the work of our spirit especially in these two most magnificent and mysterious glands. Their activity in the blood make it more or less luminous (i.e., the blood-radiation), all based on the nature of our character and disposition.

The same way the physical body assimilates pure particles of foods and amass good flesh, so does ethereal body assimilate our pure thoughts during life and cause them to grow in volume. It is according to our doings in this life we increase or decrease the assets of the soul we brought with us at birth from other lives, investment in the form of talents and abilities, which in our hands should become compound interest.

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