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A benevolent thought-form of love: Besant
A demonic thought-form of greed

How Thought-Forms Influence Humans Ethereally

All human beings – from the strongest to the weakest of character – will always be influenced, in one way or another, by the thought-forms of others. Working in such a way, through the joining of one’s thought with the thought forms of others, one's originally-produced thought refines, changes, and takes on a different shape until it becomes a reality.

With all complex systems, each entity influences and is likewise influenced by others. Self-expression is never entirely of one’s own volition.That all radiations result from a corresponding motion, which, in turn, adjust to a specific pressure at the time, is the reason all free bodies in space travel in ellipses, or curved paths – including thought-forms. The contracting or wilful combining of one's volition with the energies of others of like minds creates curved paths, which serve to increase the accumulation of capabilities from this cooperative accomplishment. Subsequently, every thought that is generated immediately takes a form that embodies and expresses the essential meaning of the thought.

As Abd-ru-shin explained, In the Light of Truth, the Living Creative Power of Creation, which flows through human beings, collects ethereal substance through the volition of a completed thought, and moulds it into a form that gives expression to the will of the thought. Thus, this form is something real, something living, which now, in accordance with the Law of the Attraction of Homogeneous Species, attracts what is homogeneous in the world of thought-forms or is attracted by them, depending on the strength it possesses - no matter where on Earth one lives.

We do sense within the ethereal body the after-effects of our willing. It erupts through the layers of feeling as emotions of joy or sorrow, pleasure or pain, anger or compassion. Emotion is human’s “inner” motivating force that animates, in other words, the inherent warmth and momentum of spirit. The same way other parasites can control the brains of their hosts and manipulate them to get them to do their bidding, human beings can be exceedingly impressible upon those in their surroundings. Due to the formative power of emotions, we can be exceedingly impressible upon those in our surroundings as well, especially upon those of weak character. When we are angry they too can become angry for no apparent reason.

Many a weak soul have committed murder, not because they are purely evil by nature, but only that they followed some stronger impulse in their environment, for example, to kill. These same persons could be ones who regularly perform acts of charity and devotion. People close to them refer to their villainous acts as being "out of character." Then there are other who, The capability for impressions to assail us so toxically has led thinkers to deduce that in such a person slumber different states of the soul, of which one, under the influence of a momentary emotion, surges up, to the exclusion of all others. Energies “buried in the most profound depths of our being, which, unless they are concerned in our moral betterment, almost regrettably because they are thoughtless, spring up incomplete and nearly always contrary to those designs that deliberate reason would help to accomplish” D. Dangennes, The Forward, "Influence: How To Exert It (1916).

Just as a thought when it arises is simultaneously felt inwardly with greater or lesser intensity, so its ethereal form will bear an equivalent life. Through the power of attraction complete centres take form, which, by means of their accumulated energy, exercise a great influence upon human beings. Subsequently, the world of thoughts is densely populated. There are thoughts centres of hate, envy, jealousy, lustfulness, and all other evils, which, through their greatest number of associates, form the strongest power centres in the world of thought-forms – far less than those of purity and love.

Those persons will always be influenced who tend towards a similar nature, those who bear something similar within themselves. Such persons will always be strengthened in their corresponding will and encouraged to continue producing new and similar forms which, working in the same manner, enter the world of thought-forms. Even those human beings who do not possess these special weak tendencies can also be bothered by these influences and gradually be attracted to them, if these centres are continually reinforced and so obtain unsuspected power.

Those alone protected are those individuals who possess other tendencies in greater strength, making a connection with what is dissimilar impossible. If these thought-forms are of a pure and beautify nature, they will beautify these persons for whom they are meant, strengthen their shield of purity around them. That is if they meet with inner intuitions of a similar nature, then they can only uplift further and strengthen them in their personal growth towards lasting happiness, which is the purpose of human existence.

Impure thoughts cannot fail to soil the person for whom they are meant in just the same way as a physical body is soiled if mud and dirt are thrown at it. If a person so attacked is not anchored firmly to the centres of light-streams, it may very well happen that, in time, his or her intuitions become confused under this barrage of impure thoughts.

People's intuitions do become confused when impure thought-forms clinging to them are able to attract others of a like nature, which strengthen them so that by degrees they poison the thoughts of the person so encompassed. According to the wishes of their originator, thought-forms are sent out to certain persons to whom they may then cling.

It goes without saying that today thought centres of hatred, war-mongering, criminal intents, debauchery, among other dark ethereal forms outnumber those of love, peace and compassion. Dark ethereal forms are the primary toxin bombardment facing humanity, not only confusing and making it harder and harder for light-streams to beams through in human thinking, but also makes for insufficient or false radiation of the blood.

Naturally, the greater part of the responsibility falls back upon the persons who generate the impure thoughts, and whose wish or desire send them out to persons concerned, for the thought-forms also remain attached to their authors and react upon them accordingly (karma). Essentially, our lives are bound up in the lives of others. The ill-effects of our social conditions are communicated invariably to others - in the home, schools and, eventually, the pineal system. It goes without saying that the object of penal measures is a matter of social health, in other words, correction should not take the form of punishment but based on efforts to transform society, each person starting or shown how to start first within oneself.

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