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Fortune is conquered not in equal balances between debits and credits, but in the "aw of returns (cause and effect) connecting activity and fulfilment – the compound interest of the talents and abilities.

The Reciprocity Of Food & Fortune

Gossamer Media for Wellness Gossamer Media for Wellness introduces a holistic approach to ensuring and enjoying health and wealth, through a change of 'food and thinking.’ It is fairly simple: There are certain foods, which eaten in the right balance, purify the blood and strengthen the body and, in turn, help to transform the senses of perception and all organs of action. Pure blood is the ultimate nourishment in which lies the secret to breaking all boundaries of diseases and failure.

Such a fortification of mind and body is crucial in that when blood is kept pure from over-heating foods containing high fats, sugars and starches – even healthy foods – the body is "protected" and "preserved" from defilement. This state alone sets up an immunity capable of fortifying the resistance upon the mind, as well.

The reciprocity of “Food & Fortune” is not about those foods items the peoples of the different cultures believe to bring good luck. It is about the choice of foods with which one nourishes the body, to elevate the cognitive faculties to their highest and perfected states and styles of self-expression not before possible, to prosper and achieve lasting happiness.

Essentially, you eat to conquer fortune. Which is no different if you were to lead an army to capture a village. Such a task would require fortitude of mind and body to battle to the end. Good fortune it is for those who are healthy, regardless how poor in money, because they can enjoy their many small successes in the grand scheme of things.

But poor indeed are those – though rich in money, stature, authority, or whatever – whose health is poor. They cannot enjoy their wealth and honours any more than those who, destitute both in health and wealth can enjoy their conditions. What is exquisitely furnished houses, luxury cars, mega-businesses, titles, stocks, bonds, even diamond but bubbles, without excellent health to enjoy them?

The choice of foods for our nourishment can help to produce the optimum blood-composition for that [substantiate] connectedness of volition (will) and the influx of powerful initiatives, discoveries, new ventures – everything ready at all times for humans to make use of it. This is only if blood can act as a conduit to transmit this supply unhampered. Even though it takes an immense blockade of mental and physical energy everyday to hold back this force of Creation. Yet, the majority of us humans manage to do so, in that our blood is such poor conductor, only feeble spasmodic flicker of [substantiate] creativity manifests in our works.

Lifting the Intimate Veil Between Food & Fortune

The unobstructed flow of cosmic force is synonymous with what in quantum physics is referred to as “flow without resistance," otherwise called superconductivity – lifting the gossamer's veil. This quantum mechanism in Nature (human nature included) is key to breaking down of all boundaries. Professor Moses Chan at Penn State University explains "flow without resistance" using the metaphor of putting an orchestra together, with everyone playing their own tune, until they begin to follow a conductor.

If blood (the conductor) is inferior, however, all is inferior. Blood pure or toxic, the whole system – brain (mind included) – will be in pure or toxic condition. Wellness is effortless to achieve. However, it cannot be achieved through injections, drugs, megadoses-doses of dietary supplements, and all kinds of impossible concoctions. Wellness can only come the natural way – through the right attitude (toward the body), with the appropriate foods and drinks which, over a short period, will vary with each person, but without one-sided limitations.

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