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All Nature's species – from animal to plant tissues – are the evolutionary action of minute cells. However, if we allow our cells to form spontaneously as a result of being left to chance, too often, they are formed by pervading factors or circumstances, contrary to those designs our resolution would otherwise help to fashion. It is for this reason it is considered wiser to cure the mind before considering how to care for the body, if the care of both cannot happen at the same time.

Healthy change begins with the making of a resolution, that is, the arousal of an intense desire or enthusiasm to achieve some aim . No matter the nature of your illness, it remains secondary. Any such constraint would prove to be unjust were it not balanced by the fact that every human spirit can reverse, cure, or at least slow down disease process, even with the faintest of resolution.

Success stems from resolution

Where, however, one finds that the spirit is too weak to bring about a change in conditions, or is hindered in its efforts by some outside influence such as accident or physical and emotional imbalances, the first point of order is to work on the blood. Only through pure blood are all human beings able to unfold their full potentials whether one is rich or poor, academically acclaimed or stay-at-home mom.

Human blood is never found to be organic, i.e., formed only of compounds of biological origin. There is also a connection between blood and the soul (etheric principle). However, as chemical laws establish, two alien species, i.e., spirit and matter, cannot mix. So the main purpose is form a bridge from out of the Spiritual into the material sphere, so that human activities may be set in motion in the proper manner.

Each human spirit contributes to forming its blood composition in a way peculiar only to its personality whether it is rich or anemic. The process of digestion is merely that of ionization – the "marrying" and "splitting" of the creative elements of fire (oxygen), water (hydrogen), air (nitrogen), and earth (carbon). These chemical forces are what provide for that valuable exchange of energy, which ensures the full transformational capacity through the radiation of the blood.

Blood Radiation Forming Bridges

Every living species radiates and blood is no exception. It is the law of polarity, inherent in the Law of Attraction (or repulsion).

Humans, animals, as well as plants, all produce what is scientifically called distinct electromagnetic radiation, which, in flowing outward and making a connection, is answered back by a responsive current from the other species. When the radiance of one species blend with that of another to which there is a connection, together a halo of radiation forms otherwise called the "Od" or emanation, giving the radiating bodies a unique aura – the bridge or transformational point for new effects.

What are the two different species forming blood radiation? Two alien species: the human spirit (or the soul in this matter) and its blood composition (material substance). Spirit, the constituent of Light, is weightless whereas blood composition is of Dark Matter. In chemical laws, two aliens species cannot mix; however, their combined radiation serve to produce new effects.

The blood radiation is in reality the actual bridge for humans to flourish, in being able to unfold one's full power, and then only if this blood is of a composition suitable to the etheric (soul) principle within it. This is not only what accounts for the great difference between the human blood and the animal blood, but also the different DNA profiles among human beings – one's pattern identical to another on a ratio of 5 billion to one. It goes without saying that, such a magnificent difference depends on something beyond the scope of science – Spirit!

Many are the factors such as aging and the state of health that may unfavourably contribute to the changing of one's blood composition. However, such a constraint would prove unjust were it not balanced by the fact that the spirit can change an unfavourable composition.

That science cannot measure the blood radiation the thinking is that it is DNA that determines what we are rather than the quality of our blood composition. It has led to the belief that if one's DNA were better one would be a better person. Although it is the radiations of blood-composition – the etheric "light," or "precipitous" portions of the blood flowing to the heart to form principal "breath" (of life) – the variations of which forms the basis for the human temperaments.

The Correct Choice Of Blood-Building Foods

The correct choice of foods have to do with balancing food elements in such as way, it generates just sufficient warmth to serve both our higher intellectual development, add replenish bodily waste. Not foods that overheat the body in which the predominant elements comprise chiefly of fatty meat, refined flour or sugar. These items usually leave you so obtuse, dull or sleepy you become, and can neither exercise mind or muscles, as very little food for either brain or muscle is found in any of these foods items.

There are some plants as well as certain animal products such as fresh cow’s milk (still warm from milking) that are rich in vital force. Plants, in particular, radiate from the nucleus of their cells, where they lay up stores of light power, which the nervous and motive systems of humans and animals utilize, especially in stimulating red blood cells. Such radiant force in foods, as part of the blood composition, makes for a pervading healing and sustaining force.

When food gets digested and enters the bloodstream, it does become visible to those with exalted nerve sensing (termed clairvoyance) as radiation flowing along magnetic lines of force. Without this radiated counterpart of all the chemical elements found in the blood stream, the food that we eat would do no use to the body. Such is the effect that the correct choice of food has upon the ionization of molecules for normal growth and well-being of the body throughout life. Add to this the savoury sensations that make food enjoyable.

The correct choice of food carbons simply produces that warmth and movement required to changing DNA and the genetic coding on how future cells reproduce. Not only may the correct choice of foods serve your brilliant intellectual and spiritual development, it may also reverse or slow down the body’s trend to premature ageing and disease.

By mean of a personalized diet fashioned from "superior" foods, you may favourably change your blood-composition, which in turn influences the mysterious endocrine glands, positively affecting our moods and attitudes. You restore your blood to the condition peculiar to your unique personality, setting your whole spiritual perception and autonomic impulses "aglow." It is possible for blood to glow in such a way that the creative and animate powers you generate and emanate (send out) fires up or influences others.

How it is possible, is along the same line as the science behind 'gene pool by natural selection'. The theory is that you can alter your unborn child’s biology through the ‘natural selection’ of the sperm and egg for propagation.

The principle of natural selection of foods has just that special significance in altering the cells of your body. By means of the correct choice of foods, you may change any genetic coding on how future cells reproduce. And just as how DNA is replicated and transmitted to the offspring, with the correct choice of foods – mainly those containing nucleic acids – you can alter any hereditary biological defective cell, and reverse unfavourable traits.

It must be made clear, however, that changing the choice of food alone does not build pure blood. You may eat the finest, most wholesome blood-building food on Earth, but this will not prevent the degeneration of the body if you violate the Laws of Creation, that i to say, if resentment, jealousy, envy, fear, hatred and toxic states of mind and behaviour are allowed to possess you. To change blood radiation to have a compelling influence upon your surroundings calls for a change in attitude as well.

The nature of human emotions and thinking alone can turn "on" or "off" favourable and unfavourable genes. An attempt to have a disease-free child is indeed a noble ideal. But the woman who believes that by 'gene pool by natural selection' she can produce a disease free child is gravely misled. Just think, were it even possible for a woman (or her surrogate) to have a disease-free child by scientific mechanism and did not change her thinking, which traumatizes and misaligns her cells, she still passes on deleterious mutations in her personal gene pool, which influences the cells of the foetus.

So no one has to suffer from any disease because it is in one's genes. In contradistinction to altering an unborn child’s biology through "gene pool by natural selection, the correct choice of foods and the right conditions of living alone guarantee lasting success.

In adapting the principle of natural selection by means of diet lies the secret to re-writing (or imprinting) new genetic information, which may replicate down to your third and fourth generations. You are then in control of your destiny, and no longer subject to the fate of the stars.

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For more on Blood Radiation, read In Praise of the Pomegranate, Chap. 11: "A Radiant You."