Indigenous Diet In Mental & Moral Development

In the law of adaptation, only that part of the Earth to which your body is connected by birth can give it exactly what it needs to blossom forth and remain vigorous. In that, the radiations from the stars in that region where your body came into existence first permeated the elements of the foods that form into organs and tissues of your developing foetus.

Those humans living with the polar bear almost at the North Pole, or with the tropical animals at the Equator, have in each of these extremes of temperature food adapted to their wants. Wherever humans choose to live — in a cold, or hot, or temperate climate — they find already prepared the kind of food best fitted to supply their wants. Nature prepared them at those times the body needs just such nourishment as is provided by the zone in which it came into existence and, with which it remains continuously connected. It is how the different peoples of the Earth are specially influenced in one direction more than in another.

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seal meat

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Abundance of African (tropical) crop produce

In Alaska, for example, one would naturally desire and have the heat-producing fat of whales and seals for winter diet, which would not appeal to one in Africa. In Africa, the desire is for the cooling fruits and vegetables would freeze one to death in the frigid northern climes. In the temperate zone, where cold and heat alternate, there is found all the variety best adapted to ones changing circumstances.

The earth provides the requisite foods in the different zones always at the proper time and in the manner which the physical bodies that are born in each particular zone need it. Herbs in their seasons, when their bouquet peaks in full bloom as well as fruits at the time when the earth – not cultivated out of their seasons in green house. Foods produced in the respective seasons according to Nature’s dictate are clearly those that are advantageous to the upbuilding of the body.

Clearly, Nature knows best!