A Nutritional Path To Radiant Health & Fortune

Discover a sound system of eating that not only assures the reversal of ageing and disease processes, or at least to slow them down.

With the correct choice of foods you may also re-animate the conquering spirit, to bring about your highest achievements, and advance health and beauty – the effortless way!
“Eating for Excellence” is about purposeful eating. It is about:

  1. Boosting your self expression and not imitating others in regurgitating their worn out doctrines and thinking.

  2. A change of food and attitude (toward the body), as a means of improving your personal radiance, by establishing normalcy in the behaviour and consequently health.

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How this holistic move toward your personality fashioning plays out is an art (or science) in itself. But this we know from colour combining:

There are three primary colours: blue, yellow, and red. When they blend, there appear four additional colours – the three secondary colours: orange, [emerald] green, and purple. Each due to the blending of two primary colours and one colour (indigo) which contains the entire gradation of colours, making in all the seven colours of the spectrum. (Red + yellow = orange; blue + yellow = green; blue + red = purple) etc.

But there are five additional colours to the spectrum of the rainbow. These five colours are connected with the five semitones between the seven notes (on the black keys) called pentatonic scale; for, where there is found colours there is also tone linked inseparably. These five colours are between red and violet going one way around the circle. All forms of music are produced from seven basic tones and five semi-tones of different levels, giving rise to a total of twelve musical notes.

The twelve musical notes and they connected twelve colours also bear affinity to the twelve astrological signs under which a person is born. These twelve colours describe the underlying mood (tone) – the human state of mind, and attitude (colour), i.e., way of thinking. They are Aries (blue); Taurus (azure); Gemini (emerald); Cancer (orange); Leo (yellow); Virgo (amber); Libra (crimson); Scorpio (scarlet); Sagittarius (red); Capricorn (maroon); Aquarius (salmon); and Pisces (grey). See illustration.

Eating For Excellence developed on the premise that “Every person is born to accomplish a purposeful task in life, and in the most joyous fulfilment.” And that to fulfil life’s work and purpose Nature proffers different selections of food with intelligence that adapt to different degrees of activity of mind and body. Clearly, this art of eating is an application of science made to apply to the plain Laws of Nature. Continue …