Personality Fashioning

On coming to the awareness  that blood is the life of the body; that my spirit pervades my physical body by means of veins, arteries and blood, I knew I was on to finding the secret to bringing about my highest possible achievements, while advancing health and beauty— the effortless way!
Monica Palmer (T’Sheba)
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You would do everything for:
  • eyes that sparkle
  • skin that is naturally smooth and glowing
  • your every movement to radiate vitality, strength and health
  • every time you walk into a room your beneficent influence diffuse itself over those that surround you
Yes You Can!
“Eat for Excellence” is about furthering the fashioning of your personality into its most resplendent radiance – beginning on a cellular level. You are (or were meant to be) a radiant force sending out light emanations, otherwise termed vibes that leave lasting impressions upon your environment.

In the words of Wallace D. Wattles, “Your “personality is not developed by influence from the outside, but by the things you use constructively” (The Science of Abundant Life). In this case of Eating for Excellence, the outside influence is “the choice of foods.”

What is your personality the world actually sees? Liken your personality unto a carpet.

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In the weaving of your carpet you would use different tools such as different colour threads, a loom to hold the thread, with a pattern (in mind). The loom would symbolize your temperament – the quality of your nervous state, its stability or instability.

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a sample loom


Your thoughts are the threads with which you weave your conditions in life, and through which you are either exalted or debased. With your thoughts – resplendent or dark – you fashion the stage for your personality, flung in the face of life. The quality of the thread speaks to your temperament: the coming out of your nature in colours – your ‘true colours.’ Whether it is sturdy or brittle, refined or coarse, dull or bright, your temperament gives a certain cast (or mould) to your character.

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Your temperament – the combined expression of your thoughts and emotions – forms itself in patterns of responses as are necessary to express your innate gifts and abilities. Temperament is your signature of your personality. It is what makes an action recognizable yours.

Temperament is imparted by life itself; meaning, the ability to be highly animated – the paramount condition and connection and, in part, congenitally. That is to say, how you express yourself, in being animated, is the part of your personality that was imparted by parentage (in greater or less degree) — the states of their body, mind, health, among other conditions.

Thus temperament is that part of your personality that you cannot change, though it can be restrained and cultivated. It lies behind and below your emotions, manners, habits and frame of mind that “come out” in expression to the relationship to people and events going on around you. This organic hereditary quality is that which is called “bottom” in horse, the breed” in full-blooded animals, and “blood” in those of noble birth. Hence the saying “it runs in the blood.” Such are the qualities on exhibition, which like the fashioning of a carpet, form the basis of your character.

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Temperament and character, in the end, shapes your personality. The late Russian scientist, Pavlov sums up these three variables (character, temperament, and personality) quite beautifully:

“The personality of man is determined by biological inheritance as well as environment. The strength of the nervous system [temperamental stream] is an innate property, while character is mainly comprised of acquired habits.”

Your Character Distinct From Your Personality

Your thought-forms (mental health) is what determines attitude or disposition of character. It is with your thoughts you weave your most exquisite carpet or lowly straw mat. Your character, which comprises your acquired habits, is not so easy to change. It is your “constant”, “blueprint”, or “pattern.”

Like the weaving of your carpet, once it is woven, onlookers or buyers may or may not admire it. If they do, they will buy it, and you may even become world renowned and sought after as a celebrated carpet weaver. People will flock to you for you to teach them the secrets to your fine artistry; in other words, you are attractive, you are magnetic, you wield power. If not, you may have to sell your talent for bargain basement price. You may end up keeping it for no one wants it, not even for free.

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia, 3rd Edition, defines character as: “the valuable and constant individual mould of spiritual life of man, its type, and all the ethics of man, which shows themselves in individual acts and states of his psychological life, as well as his manners, habits, frame of mind and the circle of emotional life peculiar to him. The character of a man forms the basis of his behaviour.

How To Magnifying Your Personality

As it is with a choice of threads you would use to weave a carpet to impress and draw favourable attention, so also may you fashion your personality accordingly. The ability to influence (or impress upon) your surrounding favourably is your innate spiritual quality.

For some personalities, it is the natural self-expression. Their eyes sparkle, their skin is smooth and glowing, their every movement radiates vitality, strength and health – backed up with intellectual brilliance! With their radiant force, flung in the face of life, they sway influence upon their surroundings.

You may find, however, that you lack those psychic qualities necessary to awaken the innumerable forces lying hidden within you, or is hindered in your efforts by some outside influence such as accident or physical and emotional imbalances. But were it not for the joy of activity in service to humanity, and by which the means your body nurtures and preserves itself, then life would truly be unjust.

Any possibility of failure is counter-balanced by the fact that you can change any unfavourable conditions in life. With sustained effort, you can refashion your personality as one who, though ideal circumstances is spiritually magnetic.

As long as in your intuition you hold on the “the ideal,” the marriage of the elements and their perpetual transmutation can only but leap forth their fiery cubicles (containers), to propagate this personal warmth in your immediate surroundings.

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It Is With The Body Personality Fashioning Begins

As you would have done to begin weaving a most exquisite carpet, you started with the loom – the “integrating starting point.” Likewise, with the weaving of your personality, you begin with your body, the transitory point which is the cellular level – the brain cells.

When you are motivated (or urged) to action, your brain sets up a force that radiates the blood, which flows according to the patterning of your temperament. How?

Inwardly the radiation of the nerves (temperamental stream) flow around the brain, through cells, carrying the influence of each organ to every one. No organ can escape the effect of the rest. Regardless of unfavourable hereditary factors within your blood, however, your blood radiation is entirely up to your spirit’s fashioning. Your inner nature being can radiate sufficient power to keep alive your physical form (cloak) that covers it.

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The “uniting” of molecules to form the blood-composition, produces a kind of life-plasma (vital force) moving in or with the blood. Plasma is highly ionized gas in which radio waves can propagate into space, or radiate. Naturally, the human blood plasma – irradiated with our lofty intuitions and thoughts – likewise propagates, extending beyond the blood vessels within the body, increasing over areas outside of it.

For more on the subject, read, “In Praise of the Pomegranate,” Chapter 11: Magnify Your Radiance.

The radiated halo is what gives the human body (in fact, all living bodies) its unique aura, otherwise called electromagnetic field (or nerve sphere). It is this gaseous channel through which life-force pours into the physical body, in the breathing process, to accomplish what your spirit wills. Through the act of breathing, each creature carries within its core living power. The frontal sinus: the symbol of human will, is what gives the power to experience.

The brain is the final instrument in the chain of action, in carrying out what your spirit will it to do. The brain is set in motion, or activated, by the effect of this alien warmth inherent in breath. The sole purpose of the brain is to specialize this substantiate, or motive force, which moves all faculties and muscles to which nerve lead. It is how the body gets supplied its warmth through the nerve filaments within the circulating system.

That all is subject to the will of the human spirit, biological cells can only but adjust their inner forces and adapt themselves, for example, through a change of diet — the outside influence. Diseased cells, when counteracted with blood irradiated with healing thought waves and the correct food nutrients, can only but begin a reversal of the trend to premature ageing and disease processes. Hence vital balance is maintained.

Thus, magnifying your personality comes right down to your choice of foods that comprises your blood-composition. As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.”

Blood Toxicity & Effect On Temperament

Building pure blood by means diet provides your spirit with the right bridge for the ushering in of cosmic vibrations (helpers) critical to your inner development. Which is the means your body is preserved, as well. Only so can your personality exert its radiating influence as the flower exerts influence by spreading its fragrance in the air.

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However, the wrong choice of foods can result in insufficient blood radiation due to toxin bombardment. When there are too many toxins for the liver to act upon, it burdens the body with chronic intoxicating symptoms: fatigue; headaches; sinus congestion; high or low blood pressure; food allergies; hair, skin and nail problems; among other symptoms of dis-ease.

Mucosal injury, which can also lead to death, can occur when absorption of toxic substance takes place faster than the liver can detoxify. When compressed hard and long by this toxic overload, the internal carotids (two main arteries that carry blood to the head and neck, and their two main branches) become what are called “stupor producers” – producers of gross stupidity or indolence. Why is it so?

When digestion is impaired, tryptophan: the amino acid that yields serotonin – the brain’s "mellow chemical" that keeps you cool, calm and collected – produces instead the chemicals “skatoles” and “indoles.” These two poisons not only give faeces (fecal matter) an unpleasant odour, but also can affect the brain adversely, in escaping the action of the liver. An abnormal function of these chemicals is with their production of “false neurotransmitters” such as octopamine.

False neurotransmitters replace the normal transmitters, whose job it is to transfer accurately messages across the brain. This leaves consciousness further scattered, unable to monitor properly or maintain the organism’s immune defences. The mind cannot help but become demoralized because the blood in incapable to respond to the demands placed upon it, spiritually and physically.

Stupor-Producing Foods

The chief food items, and which from their everyday use brings the terrible evils of indolence, laziness, stupidity and diseases such as obesity and heart troubles upon North American population, are the refined carbonaceous foods: refined sugar, flour, and fats. A diet made up principally of butter, refined flour and sugar and their products naturally contain very little nutrient for the blood or vital powers.

This is not to say that these three carbonaceous items (starches, sugars, and fats) found in abundance cannot be combined with the other valuable elements that the system requires. In many foods, they are found combined in just the right proportion required. In fact, in all food, they are found in proportions based on the different temperatures and circumstances in which we may find ourselves. Nevertheless, if blood is the life of the body, then is not its correct replenishment the law of life?

In declaring to yourself that your past mode is no longer desirable, like an antenna, your brain holds on to this desire for change, in a definite way. Your brain waves begin to transform into thoughts surrounding high quality foods as it would with the choice of threads for weaving your carpet.

When with the right choice of foods your blood gets restored to the condition peculiar to your peculiar personality, you relieve yourself of the disharmonies caused by nervous tension. In turn, you strengthen, weaken, or displace those dispositions of your character to allow that favourable radiation that is to influence to take the lead.

That only the favourable radiation (influence) can widen the range of capacity for the adaptation it is, therefore, the transformational energy. It is how by means of diet you may bring changes through a refashioning or remoulding of your entire being, the chief purpose which is to further the spiritual – the greater development of your intrinsic talents and abilities.

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