Eating In Season

The rationale behind Eat-for-Excellence™ is that, for a human spirit to fulfil its Purpose of Existence, Nature proffers different selections of foods adapted to the different human mentalities. The division of mental powers is three-fold: formal, static and dynamic, which, in “the law to the trinity,” is analogous to three tropical seasons in ancient Egyptian astrology: the rainy (or water) season, the growing season, and the dry season.

The number Three, in the cosmology, is the root-form of all things made manifest, otherwise called Nature, for which the number Four is the symbol. This extension shows up in the four seasons in the temperate zones: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Food Carbonomics™ was developed around the four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter in the temperate zone, which in a similar way is connected to the four human temperaments: sanguine, melancholic, choleric, and phlegmatic. Seasonal Diet

The conversion of food into nutritive blood passes through a series of events as do the changes of the seasons. In the law of harmonics, therefore, only that part of Earth to which one’s body is connected by birth gives the body exactly what it needs to flourish and remain vigorous. Nature proffers herbs and fruits in harmony with its different zones and always at the proper time and manner that one's body needs such nourishment.

The seasons change depending on the amount of sunlight reaching the earth, which, tilted on its axis, travels in a loop around the Sun each year. Summer happens in the hemisphere tilted towards the Sun, and winter happens in the hemisphere tilted away from the Sun. It is this orderly procession why the whole solar system is described as one vast musical instrument, reflecting the perfect heavenly symphony which, should in case there is the slightest discord, the whole universe crumbles. 
In the Mysteries (ancient Egyptian), the lyre. Believed to be the first string instrument created by the gods, the lyre was regarded as the secret symbol of the human constitution. The body of the instrument represented the physical form; the strings the nerves, and the musician the human spirit. Playing upon the nerves, our spirit created the harmonies of normal functioning, which becomes discords, if human nature is defiled.

Each note and strain of music emits a distinct radiation. Each has the power to excite in some way an organ or group of organs. If the notes succeed each other, or sound together in the same order in the same in which the faculties naturally follow or respond to each other in the mental action, then the music will evoke a feeling of pleasure in the mind of the listener.

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So also it is, if foods succeed each other according to the seasons, which also have their tones constructed by sounds. To eat out of season, therefore, is to swing our of tune with Nature. 

If humans follow the dietary laws designed for us exactly and which we can easily recognize if we only wish to do so, then we provide the condition for spirit to create the harmonies of normal functioning. Health, joy, and happiness is assured throughout life, because we vibrate with the chord of the Music of the spheres.

The earth provides foods that are in harmony with its different zones and always at the proper time and in the manner which your body in a particular zone need it. Strawberries at the time of strawberry harvest, apples at the time at apple harvest, and so on. Common sense should dictates that these are the only times they are advantageous and upbuilding for the body — not as available year round from green house farming.

Just consider how perverted has become our appetite to demand a meal of fatty barbecue meats, or pork and beans on a hot-summer’s day. The after-effects can only be stupefying, congesting and heating— not to mention the blotch-making influence this has on sedentary types, especially as artists, writers. On the other hand, apart from serving to distend the bowel and increase its transit time, salad greens are of no nutritional benefit in winter. In fact, subsisting on such cooling foods in the winter causes phlegm to move much too slow, thus impairing the function of the Immune system. Not to mention the rich, decadent pasties that are high in sugar consumed around the winter festive seasons. Sugar, being temperate (alkaline-forming), has a cooling effect on the blood, hence the associated respiratory ailments in the cold climates. It is the reason Nature proffers sugars in abundance in the summer fruits, to cool the system.

If, rather than re-establishing harmony with Nature, we debase the law of harmonics through our wrong thinking and eating, discord is inevitable. Discord shows itself in the body as imperfect forming of body primary fluids connected to the four primary temperaments: blood (sanguine), lymph (melancholic), bile (choleric), and phlegm (phlegmatic).

Observe The Food Laws

Food nutrients are opposite in character to the prevailing climate of the season. For instance, autumn produces the warming tubers as well as the fattened meats of animals to survive the winter months and provide energy and nutrients. In summer, there are the cool and moist, succulent vegetables, and fruits that are high in sugars for tempering the blood. The following 16th Century medical poem of Salerno best sums up this dietary law:

In Spring your dinner must not much exceed,

In Summer’s heat but little meat shall eat.

In Autumn ware you eat not too much fruit,

With Winter’s cold full meats do fittest suit.

“Eat For Excellence” Seasonal Diets: