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That human body swinging in complete harmony with the spirit is in the state of superconductivity. Spirit can readily alter the molecular structure of the body, to shape a trim figure, a graceful posture, maximum stamina ... with youthful suppleness and ageless beauty. How?

The animating core of human beings is spirit, whereas the physical body originates from animistic substantiate – from which animal bodies also develop. The physical body does not comprise the human being, but serves only as a necessity to exist in the World of Matter, in order to improve the spirit seed. As such, the physical cloak is human's most valuable implement.

This material cloak bears the vibrations of the so-called chthonic powers of Nature, described as "the spirit of nature within." These unconscious earthly impulses, of the spirit's material depths which "tempt" the soul, are not necessarily negative, unless so directed.

Human beings carry within themselves all the species that lay in Creation: the spiritual, the substantiate (the so-called God-particle or formless Substance, which only takes on form for the purpose of accomplishing some activity requiring manifestation); the ethereal (soul or formative substance); along with the physical matter. The substantiate radiation functions much like air currents, which In penetrating the emotions (of the soul) and thoughts the intellectual faculties become transformed into sheer brilliance, consequently quickening the spirit in the experiencing. The process reveals one's distinct nature, i.e., basic temperament.

This spiritual-psychological constitution is the reason human spirits have such powerful influence upon their surroundings. One cannot separate the planes of emotions any more than one can separate glucose from starch. Emotion is analogous to glucose (or saccharide) and starch is like thought). However, it is human emotion: the principle of divine forming, that exercise such an influence because the radiations, good or evil, unite with those of the intuitions of the spirit that form the pictures as spirit wills it.
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The human spiritual-psychological constitution holds the possibility for each person to not only shape or re-shape one's physical form (though somewhat limited), but also in influencing one's surroundings. The human body (of matter), however, is subject also to the four processes in the perpetual life-cycle as that of water, rocks, plants, animal bodies, world events, and the invisible worlds of matter: germination (development), growth (forming), maturing (ripening), harvest (or decay).

In "the cycle of life," each human spirit calmly rotates along with its primeval substance in the process called evolution. However, in yielding to Earth's vibrations (or chthonic powers) in their development, humans lost the ability to control the forces of Nature. Over time, human spirits not only influenced their own imperfections, but at the same time severely endangered the entire environment in Nature. A classic example is the ability of parasitic wasps to manipulate spiders into zombies. All due to the formative power of the spiritual over the substantiate (including the animal domain), the ethereal and material substances. Our foods, our thoughts, belief system, eco-system – everything have become toxic.