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Lifting the Gossamer's Veil of Light Power

To the scientists of condensed-matter physics, the ability of a material substance to transmit heat is considered an outstanding mystery. Especially in the way high-temperature superconductors function more like insulators than metals. One such metal is copper oxide, which is .found to be the best metal for conductor of low-temperature electricity.

Normally when electric current passes through regular wire it has to overcome two negative effects: (1) the consumption of power necessary to overcome the resistance and, subsequently, (2) the generation of heat, the indication energy is lost (dissipated).

Superconductivity of copper insulators means that, at certain low temperature, electricity can pass through, meeting only insignificant (near zero) resistance and heat generation.

The Human Veil of Light (Enlightenment)

The superconductivity of copper is no different with each human spirit in that there is but one basic law of form. The of flow of Creative Intelligence, meeting only insignificant (near zero) resistance and energy dissipation, is incumbent on human receptivity, i.e., humility and imperturbability.

As it happens with the superconductivity of copper insulation, the "lifting of the gossamer veils" calls for importance of volition and the imperturbability of unflinching will, for cosmic power to flow without resistance. This state of mind alone allows for that intimate access to the Omnipotent, which, according to the Oracles, is of the nature of the Gnostic’s Mystic Union or Sacred Marriage:

It speaks of the soul, “according to a certain ineffable at-one-ment”:“Leading that-which-is-filled into sameness with that-which-fills, making one portion of itself, in an immaterial and impalpable fashion, a receptacle for the in-shining, and provoking the other to imparting of its Light” (Chaldean Oracles, p.65.)

Only in so acting can one bring about the highest of human achievements, in other words, conquer fortune.