How Humans & Surroundings Are Intimately Connected

Why do the different nations and races of the different climatic zones bear definite homogeneous characteristics? One contributing factor may be traced back to the part of the earth where they came into existence (from prenatal development), where they live, and to the customary nutrition.

Under normal circumstances, the cells form, mature, carry out their intended function, then die. New cells get constantly regenerated to replace those cells and to maintain normal cellular function. The integrity of the developing cells is inseparably linked with the choice of foods, particularly the gene encoding proteins. The genes encoded in DNA are first transcribed into pre-messenger RNA, which carry the genetic information that directs the synthesis of proteins.

The indigenous diets of the different regions of the earth where one was born carries the genetic information, and to which one’s subconscious mind has access. It is what gives us ancestral assistance when we need it. Which explains how the respective peculiarities of temperaments, characters and talents of the different races show themselves.

For what other purpose are the different climactic zones in which the different peoples find themselves and the foods in those places, if not a system Nature puts in place for advancement of humans and their unique talents and abilities? The ecological system not only determines the different selections of food adapted to the different bodily bodily systems, but also establishes the relationship between dietary needs and mental competence.

Why The Torrid Zone Is Called The Unhealthy Zone

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There are primary conditions which favour the development of life in one place than another. It is a factor that accounts for how the respective peculiarities of characters and talents of the different races show themselves.

Consider living in the torrid zone, which is bathed by perpetual warmth. The extreme heat not only keep the skin moist by perspiration, but also exposes the extremities of one’s nerve to impressions from every source. It makes for an extremely perceptive people, yes; but frivolity and inconsistency of mind tend to accompany such a high nerve sensibility, if attention is not paid to diet, to keep the internal temperature of the body in rigorous exercise or at rest just at 98ºF. Especially those foods high in calcium, which promotes the concentration of thought in the brain and holds it there as well as the cooling cereals high brain stimulating phosphorus.

THE REASON: Although the mind is open to all impulses they succeed one another so rapidly they rarely make any permanent impression, but instead efface one another in quick succession. Initiatives, however challenging, can find one full of enthusiasm, but soon goes cold, and, if success is not immediate, you hastily give up the project and devote to another, which soon ends the same way. Affairs of the heart fairs no better.

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Now add to the torrid climatic condition the overheating of the body brought about by meals in which the predominant elements are chiefly composed of fatty meat, refined flour or sugar. These carbonaceous items can leave a person so obtuse, dull, or sleepy, one can neither exercise mind or muscles, in that remarkably little food for either brain or muscle is found in any of these foods items. And this torpor will be found to be in exact proportion to the excess carbons over their proper proportions, as nourishment for every faculty.

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Essentially, the excessive heat, whether brought about by climate and/or diet, can retard or drive out the ethereal (spiritualized) powers that generate the high intellectual and moral faculties. The sensation of weakness discourages all exertion of mind and body, imparting suggestions of inability to any possible course of action. You will die if the body temperature rises above 106°—107°. The blood begins to sleep, in the same way cooking food above 120°F destroys the life-giving energy of plant nutrients.

How Alien Diets Can Impact The Spiritually-Connected Endocrine Glands

To not adhere to Nature’s Laws, with respect to diet, means that not only will the integrity of developing cells be compromised but also will the endocrine glands. The endocrine (or ductless) glands are responsible for the harmonious running of the inner function of the organism, as much as they are critical to one’s mental and spiritual development. Should there be even the slightest disturbance and alteration to the endocrine system, this can create serious disorders in hormonal activity, by which  the blood and the spirit will also be affected.

It cannot be overstressed, therefore, why it is crucial to feed on the foods from the region where your body developed if you wish to enjoy robust health. If you followed dietary laws exactly designed for you throughout Nature, which you can easily recognize if you only wish to do so, then you can only be assured robust health, prosperity, joy and happiness — if you harbour only like thoughts, of course.