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Image credit:  Annie Wood Besant (1905).

The World of Thought-Forms

As human beings – from the strongest to the weakest of our characters – will always be influenced, in one way or another, by the thought-forms of others. Working in such a way, through the joining of one’s thought with the thought forms of others, an originally-produced thought refines, changes, and takes on a different shape, until it becomes a reality. The shaping of reality happen in a somewhat similar manner for the so-called zombie parasite, in the way it can manipulate other species of animal to kingdom to act in the particular manner.

With human, however, there is one big distinction that stands out: A thought is a complete entity (more like a messenger) with a mind of its own, driven by the spiritual power invested in its producer. Depending on the strength of the concentration and the quality of the producer's mind, it is endowed with enough vitality capable of playing the part of a real being. A zombie wasp, on the other hand, must first attack a host spider, temporarily paralyzing it, as it lays eggs on the tip of the spider's abdomen.

A thought-form that becomes volitional (i.e., result-driven) is filled with Creative Intelligence. Under the strengthening influence of the living “power,” it has far-reaching effect. It penetrates the world of thought-form, for reinforcement on its path to fulfilment of its producer's wishes, to make its influence felt, in a benevolent or evil manner. but also influences either building up or destroying. It is with our volition, our innermost longings and wishes, that we release spiritual power waves upon Substantiality (of which the so-called God Substance or Higgs boson particle is but a gradation), just waiting only for an impulse and which immediately gets put into effect with manifold strength, for good or evil. In this lies the responsibility we must bear from our assumed "free speech".

There is human rights, but such comes with responsibility. For as we sow in our thoughts, and more so in our speech, so shall we also reap in life. Just like a foetus leaves its mother’s womb at the completion of its development and upon maturity eventually lives apart and develops a mind of its own, a thought-form eventually frees itself from its maker's control. Like a stone, which once it has left one’s hands is no longer subject to the control of the thrower, the direction a thought-form takes may not be that path intended by the thinker

According to its nature, an intuitive volition creates the benevolent entities as well as the demons (e.g., phantoms). If the thoughts are evil they are the demons born of envy, hatred and all that is similar. If good they are benevolent beings, who only lovingly make peace and further one’s ascent.

The process takes place only with forms of one's intuitive volition, and which must therefore bring great blessings if the volition is good, but incalculable mischief if the volition is evil, because the substantiate core of such forms carries its own motive power, and is thus able to influence all that is gross material. Continued...

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