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The adage: "One man's meat is another man's poison" goes beyond the simple explanation of what is favourable for one person's taste may be unfavourable for another. It is a known fact that one food in one region of the Earth is medicine and in another the same item is fatal poison – all based on nature of the thinking that forms the ethereal environment in which one finds oneself.

This discord between humans and Nature not only places the chemical elements of our foods in a manner incompatible with the forces in the human body, but result also in toxin bombardment. The discord of processes and functions in the human body are what is called "dis-eases."

The sources of toxin bombardment are many as illustrated in the diagram below. Thus the striving for wellness is essentially the restoration of that perfect harmony among all the elements of being through setting up an immunity capable of effective resistance upon mind and body. Success at this alone will determine human spiritual arising or self-destruction.

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Eating foods in which the elements had become unbalanced, in a material body subject to decay, this was bound to result in the untold diseases and suffering of today. According to the late Professor Enderlein (inset), a microorganism, which has also contributed to human suffering, invaded the entire range of mammal species millions of years ago.

Professor Enderlein observed how various factors – infection, wrong nutrition, complaints of old age – can cause the primitive forms of the microorganism he coined endobiont to develop into higher stages whereby they become parasitic. Changes in vascular walls, pathological coagulation processes, rheumatism, arthritis, tonsillitis, lympho-granulomatosis, diabetes, gout, tumours of all kinds (even benign growth and their presursors), anemia, leukaemia, cerebral sclerosis, paralysis – among other ailments – are the result of the continuing development as well as the systematic incessant invasion of the endobiont that cause blockages during the course of their development, from fungus to parasite.

Although disease is more or less associated with diet and old age, its real significance, however, is rarely or never wholly associated equally with one's distinctive character, to which a reverse and its recourse is the imperative. Only when the invisible causes (of mental and ethereal toxins) have been removed will the visible effects also disappears and health is restored. Continue ...