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The Wellness Institution Founded With Enterprising Personalities In Mind

Endless is the guidance given to artists and entrepreneurs – from networking, money and time management, “shaping” a personal and professional image, even to writing a living will and estate planning. However, how to care for the physical body, without which one’s marvellous self-expression is impossible, is never high on the list – if this high art is ever given any consideration.
Gossamer Media For Wellness is a wellness institution fashioned especially for enterprising personalities, i.e., entrepreneurs, artists, self-starters – who can only afford to be in good health. The cutting edge philosophy was founded on the conviction that:

“Every person is born with unique talents and abilities to serve a definite purpose in life in the most joyous fulfilment which, when this purpose is figured out, an auspicious life is bound to follow… And the same way the finest of high performance vehicles requires optimum fuel for engine performance, the choice of foods as nourishment for those particular faculties is likewise determining factor in performing one’s high achievements. Nature never fails in supplying the different selections of foods suited to different types and degrees of activity of mind and body."

With over 30 years practicing holistic medicine, the founder offers reliable counsels on the care of the body – one’s most valuable asset. The Marriage of Food & Fortune' underlying theme was founded on the Natural Law principle that only the correct food elements (related to each other by the same law that unite the mental faculties) get converted into irradiated blood – one’s spiritual currency. Essentially, what gold in the veins of the earth is to material wellbeing such is blood in human veins to spiritual excellence, that is, the development and use of our intrinsic qualities and abilities.

Such an inner life is not only the means through which your body preserves itself, you cannot help but experience this reality on the outside in your affairs, professionally and socially. It is this approach to physical, mental and emotion wellness that places Gossamer Media for Wellness indisputably in the lead.

Away From The Old School Approach To Wellness

In the "old" school approach to wellness, the physical body is erroneously treated as the source of all human diseases. Not that our way of thinking is directly responsible for our state of our health, our progress and our longevity . Mental and emotional instability, which can only lead to failure in one’s professional and social life, get classified under psychosis.

From the start, this direction was problematic, particularly in those schools of thought where the thinking that any bodily ailment has its counterpart in the mind is considered heretic; but, that consciousness is considered a product of the physical body, and that nerve cells magically produce of our awareness (of what we are), of what is real.

Just try to imagine several billions of cells in your body joining together to produce your consciousness. Of course, what you will identify with are boundaries, limitations. Then, consider that human maladies have longed being addressed from this ten (10) percent (and impossible of any further capability) conscious mind alone. Still, upon such faulty assumptions, errors are constantly corrected in or eliminated as ever new findings are added to the various positions and attitudes. Essentially, medical practitioners in the so-called developed world simply keep readjusting their philosophies to conform to the advancing stage of wellness while still bound to the old way of thinking.

Is there any cause to wonder why today’s critical thinkers can no longer find support in the old veins of such one-sided assumptions, which must, therefore, remain behind as tentative science? The current movement is toward holistic care – of mind, soul and body. That this approach to wellness long waits was due to that critical exception of that which is logical and invariably the rule: the influence of the spirit over the body.

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