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Emotional instability or difficulty to concentrate on one task at a time to its successful completion have nothing to do with having a disability. No human being is mentally backward or incapable of the highest of human achievements. Unless that which hinders your intellectual and professional excellence is brought about by disease of the brain or injury, it is always due to insufficient or false radiation of the blood, which, in many ways, is linked to the choice of nourishment for the brain.

Health practitioners from all fields and disciplines seem to agree, that poor diet is one of the major risk factors for premature death – the other four factors are smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of physical activity, and stress. This common consensus makes it so critical for all to have access to soundproof knowledge about foods, especially where it concerns fulfilling one's Purpose of Existence. But this life-challenging situation must be addressed within a comprehensive and integrated context of a person's material and spiritual life – not in apposition (i.e, side by side each other).
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