How The Climatic Zones Influence Mind-Body Nutrition

The climatic portions of the Earth are bounded by parallels of latitude and characterized by a distinctive climate. The lines of latitude are divided into three zones: the frigid, temperate, and the torrid — a “triad.”

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The Arctic and Antarctic Circles

Two frigid-zones extend from the Arctic and Antarctic circles at 66½ degrees north and south latitude, respectively. The ice sheets of Antarctica, and Greenland the temperature remains below freezing all year round, and sinks in the winter to the world’s lowest levels.

The Torrid (Tropical) Zone

The torrid zone extends from the equator to the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn at 23½ degrees north and south latitude, respectively. In the torrid, the midday sun is high above the horizon throughout the year, and the atmosphere receives more heat from the sun than it loses to space by its own radiation. It is called an unhealthy zone, because excessive heat retards and can drive out the ethereal (soul’s) powers, which generate the highly intellectual and moral faculties. Science concurs that we die if our body temperature rises above 106°—107°; the blood begins to sleep, in the same way cooking food above 120°F destroys the life-giving energy of plants.

Perpetual warmth bathes the torrid zone while the bitter cold in the frigid zones with either long or grey nights or illumined by the Northern Lights, interrupted only by a brief, mild summer. As such, both zones are called abnormal zones.

The Temperate Zones

Between the frigid and torrid zones lie the north and south temperate zones: a changeable and invigorating environment. There is cold, sometimes frigid weather, and there is warmth; as well as humidity of the air and the radiation of the sun, which is of such infinite benefit to the growth of plants.

The limits of the climatic zones, however, are changeable. The boundaries swing towards the poles in summer and towards the equator in the winter. From the dispositions of the zones, one can also understand why a person’s nature is specially influenced in one direction more than in another. And why it is mainly through the manner of eating the respective peculiarities of characters and talents of the different races show themselves.